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Most conventional providers and dietitians give you band-aids for your symptoms (like laxatives for constipation and birth control for acne) which doesn’t provide you with long term relief or answers.  While I help you focus on discovering your individualized root cause to heal your gut, increase your energy, improve your hormones and balance your thyroid for good.

Autoimmune and Thyroid patient turned Functional Medicine dietitian, Gina Jones,

has helped thousands of clients heal frustrating and stubborn health struggles. She focuses on helping women heal these challenges through a root cause approach. This is the same approach that has reversed her Hashimoto's and hypothyroidism!

Working with many women in her career as a functional medicine dietitian, she has recognized that there are 4 underlying root causes of health challenges. When these root causes are identified and healed appropriately, clients start to feel heard, they feel seen, and they start to see results they didn't know were even possible.

Results like increased energy, improved chronic digestive issues without medication, balanced hormones without birth control, and even reversing autoimmune and thyroid disorders. 

Knowing YOUR root cause is the first step in finding clear answers, obtaining correct testing and optimizing your health long term. 




Take this FREE 60-second quiz to find out your healthmoji


Discover how your symptoms relate to your possible root causes so you can finally get correct testing, find answers, make sustainable changes, and optimize your health for good.


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Take this FREE 60-second quiz to discover your root cause.

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